Legacy-to-Web Software Migration

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Legacy-to-web software migrations result in re-programming old software in a web-based technology so that it can be securely accessed from internet-enabled devices. Since web-based software actually resides on a centralized web server, the deployment and maintenance are easier on your I.T. department by eliminating the need to distribute installation programs or software updates throughout the organization.

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Types of Software We Migrate

  1. DOS Applications

  2. Windows Applications

  3. MS Access Applications

  4. Excel Sheet Applications

Reasons to Migrate

Reasons to Migrate to the Web

  • Old Software will not work on newer operating systems.
  • Browser access to data accessible from multiple locations.
  • There are no Installation Disks or updates to distribute to users.
  • The Software can be turned into a subscription-based service.
  • The interface can be Responsive to any mobile device.

Benefits of Migrating Old Software to a Web-based Platform

  1. Easier Maintenance

    There are no patches distributed to multiple end-users. All updates are applied to the web server.

  2. More Accessibility

    The application can be accessed from anywhere using any internet-enabled device.

  3. Centralized Database

    Keeps your data secure in a centralized location on a company web server.

  4. Works on any Device or Platform

    The application will work on any device regardless of the operating system or platform.

Full-cycle Software Development Services

  1. Idea

    We give you a free initial consultation to learn about your goals, requirements and budget.

  2. Technical Specs

    We document the software requirements with screen diagrams and technical specifications.

  3. Deliverables

    We build the software and database in small incremental stages with short-term deliverables.

  4. Enhancement and Support

    We offer ongoing application support services to provide software updates, issue-resolution and feature enhancements.

Agile Development with Short-term Deliverables

There is no need to wait until the last line of code is written to start using your new web application. We can schedule the development timelines to deploy parts of your application early while the developers are working on other areas. With the Agile Software development process, we organize the timelines into smaller phases, which can be strategically deployed before the entire system is completed. Our process allows us to schedule short-term deliverables throughout development so that you can start using parts of your new software while other areas are still under construction.

Agile Development
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