User Interface Development

User Interface Development

Seed Technologies is a unique team of developers that transforms older software interfaces into modern interfaces while preserving the database and business logic from the original system. With a Software Interface upgrade, you can incorporate a new interface that is feature-rich and more user-friendly. You also have the option to expand the application usage into the realm of mobile computing by including responsive design.

The end-result of an interface upgrade is a robust, easy-to-use interface combined with visually stunning graphics that is responsive to all sizes of browsers.

  • User Experience End-user Research
  • Interface Design The New Plan
  • Development The Implementation

Typical UI / UX Projects

  • Software Interface Overhauls
  • Mobile Responsive Upgrades
  • Legacy to Web Conversions
  • Form-based to MVC Conversions
  • Angular Interface Upgrade
  • Load-time Optimization
  • Style Minification/Compression
  • Custom Controls or Input Elements
  • Application Redesign
  • Software Transformations
  • Custom Animated Loaders
  • Mobile Responsive Design

Benefits of Outsourcing to Seed Technologies

  1. Speed

    We hit the ground running with an experienced in-house development team that have worked together for years.

  2. Experience

    In business for 15 years and have completed over 1000 projects in a wide variety of industries.

  3. R.O.I

    Our clients generate excellent returns on their investments by automating manual and laborious processes.

  4. Customer-Driven

    We will customize the project management to fit within your required procedures.

  5. Expertise

    We work a wide variety of programming languages and technology.

  6. Affordable

    We offer highly competitive rates and we make sure the project is completed within budget.


  • ASP.NET (all versions)
  • MVC
  • Web Forms
  • Single Page Applications
  • Web API
  • Test Driven Development
  • Agile Project Management

Languages and Libraries

  • C#
  • Bootstrap UI
  • JavaScript
  • Angular JS
  • Material
  • T-SQL
  • JSON
  • Unity
  • Angular
  • AJAX
  • HTML5
  • VB.NET
  • C++
  • CSS3
  • Classic ASP
  • Microsoft COM
  • XML
  • SOAP


  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Sybase
  • MySQL
  • MongoDB

Short-term Deliverables

There is no need to wait until the last line of code is written to start using your new software interface. We can schedule the development timelines to deploy parts of the new interface early while the developers are working on other areas. With the Agile Software development process, we organize the timelines into smaller phases, which can be strategically deployed before the entire interface is completed. Our process allows us to schedule short-term deliverables throughout development so that you can start using the new interface as soon as possible.

Short-Term Deliverables
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