Software Requirements Documentation Services

Software Requirements Documentation

The first step for developing a new software system is to create the Requirements Document, which is essentially the blueprints for your new software. It outlines the full scope of the application by describing the business processes, interface requirements, database schema, application features, input fields, output requirements or other pertinent information about the system before the development begins to ensure that both the stakeholders and development team are on the same page.

Software projects that use a requirements document are almost always more successful that the projects that do not. Because Seed Technologies is a software development firm, we know exactly what information programmers need to accurately scope and manage a project quickly and efficiently.

Information We Include in Requirements Documents

  • Project Objectives
  • Background Information
  • Business Rules and Processes
  • Calculations and Formulas
  • Application Site Maps
  • Screen Wireframes
  • Outputs and Reporting Requirements
  • Assumptions and Limitations
  • ROI Assessments
  • Intergration Specifications
  • Hosting, Network or Security Requirements
  • Bidding Instructions

Requirements Document Development Process

Although every project is unique, described below is a typical process for developing a software requirements document.

  1. Needs Analysis

    This is a free initial consultation to discuss the overall project, goals and budgetary requirements.

  2. Engagement

    We simply require an hourly contract to start which will cover meetings, research and documentation time.

  3. Design and Architecture

    Regular Meetings to gather the project requirements. Wireframes for every screen are developed.

  4. Document Drafts and Revisions

    Throughout the process you are provided drafts to provide feedback or suggest changes.

  5. Contract Bidding

    We provide additional RFP paperwork to help streamline the bidding process and make it easy to compare estimates.

Benefits of Developing a Requirements Document

  1. More Accurate Bids

    If you plan to solicit multiple bids on your next software development project, requirements documentation will ensure that all vendors have an accurate understanding of the scope. By communicating the requirements in written documentation, everyone will be forming estimates on the same set of requirements.

  2. Reduces Code Rewrites

    A requirements document will save you money by reducing miscommunications between the stakeholders and developers. The document will communicate exact specifications and detailed descriptions of the functionality needed to be in the software.

  3. Expedites Development

    Requirements documents help you effectively manage the development phase of a software project. It breaks down the screen-level requirements so that the project can be easily organized into task lists and delegated to the development team giving everyone involved a common reference.

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