New Software Development

Software Development

Creating a new software system from scratch is an ideal solution when you cannot find any commercial software that is a perfect fit. We help organizations solve business problems and get quick financial returns by developing new software systems from scratch that automate manual or time-consuming processes.

Developing a new software system gives you the ability to create software that is custom-designed to your exact specifications. It also gives you more flexibility in the future to change the software when your organization evolves or changes its business procedures.

New Software We Design, Develop and Support

  1. Software Requirements

    We help build blueprints for the new software by documenting the specifications in a requirements document.

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  2. Web Applications

    We develop applications that work over the internet and reside on web servers for any industry.

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  3. Mobile Applications

    We build native, hybrid and mobile responsive apps that work over iOS, Android and Windows platforms.

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  4. Desktop Applications

    We build desktop applications that run over an office network and designed to your exact specifications.

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  5. Kiosk Applications

    We build custom touch-screen applications, games, navigators or product catalogs with simple easy-to-use interfaces.

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Full-cycle Software Development Services

  1. Idea

    We give you a free initial consultation to learn about your goals, requirements and budget.

  2. Technical Specs

    We document the software requirements with screen diagrams and technical specifications.

  3. Deliverables

    We build the software and database in small incremental stages with short-term deliverables.

  4. Enhancement and Support

    We offer ongoing application support services to provide software updates, issue-resolution and feature enhancements.

Agile Development with Short-term Deliverables

There is no need to wait until the last line of code is written to start using your new software system. We can schedule the development timelines to deliver parts of your new application early while we are working on other areas. With our Agile development process, we organize the development timelines into smaller phases, which can be strategically deployed in pieces before the entire system is completed. Our process allows us to schedule short-term deliverables so that you can start using parts of your new software while other areas are still under development.

Agile Development

Benefits of Outsourcing to Seed Technologies

  1. Speed

    We hit the ground running with an experienced in-house development team that have worked together for years.

  2. Experience

    In business for 15 years and have completed over 1000 projects in a wide variety of industries.

  3. R.O.I

    Our clients generate excellent returns on their investments by automating manual and laborious processes.

  4. Customer-Driven

    We will customize the project management to fit within your required procedures.

  5. Expertise

    We work a wide variety of programming languages and technology.

  6. Affordable

    We offer highly competitive rates and we make sure the project is completed within budget.


  • ASP.NET (all versions)
  • MVC
  • Web Forms
  • Single Page Applications
  • Web API
  • Test Driven Development
  • Agile Project Management

Languages and Libraries

  • C#
  • Bootstrap UI
  • JavaScript
  • Angular JS
  • Material
  • T-SQL
  • JSON
  • Unity
  • Angular
  • AJAX
  • HTML5
  • VB.NET
  • C++
  • CSS3
  • Classic ASP
  • Microsoft COM
  • XML
  • SOAP


  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Sybase
  • MySQL
  • MongoDB
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